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ABOUT :: Moon Calendar

TIDES, a collaborative creation between Dream Inspired Design + Julia Corbett

{ one solar cycle, many moons }

WE INVITE YOU to step into a new relationship with time, attuning to the cycle of the moon transposed on the sun’s annual cycle. The result are fourteen cycles: starting with the last new moon of 2015 and ending with the last of 2016.


THE NEW MOON marks the beginning of a cycle; it is a perfect opportunity to savor the gifts of vast space and emptiness, to be meditative and go within. (This is when you set your intentions for the entire cycle.)
LIGHT then builds for two weeks, up until the moon is FULL to the brim, lighting the night sky and inviting us all to celebrate, count our blessings, and enjoy each other’s company. A time to savor the fruits of our labors, and bring light to our realizations.
IN THE FINAL two weeks of her cycle, the moon’s brightness slowly diminishes and we return to the spacious darkness… We’re now able to whole-heartedly appreciate the beauty of this the ebb and flow that takes place with-in and with-out us.

Could our connection to this cycle be caused by the water we carry in our bodies, each and every cell being romanced by the moon dancing around the Earth?

And does this water inside make it so that women, when in complete natural harmony with their cycles, are full (ovulating) and empty (menstruating) in sync with the night sky?
We love to think so.

Let’s just sit in awe of this amazing interconnectedness, of this wonderful example of micro/macro oneness we share in our bodies, in the ocean and in the sky.

Harmonizing with nature and the elements we re::turn to the paradise we were born into. We honor that water is the key of life and we re::engage in the dance of life at whole new levels. We remember that life is simple. We re::align our natural biorhythms in accord with the lunar, solar and seasonal cycles of our Mother Earth.


The process of co~creating with Mama Moon and her natural cycles by bringing ideas, concepts, visions and dreams from your inner world to your outer world so that you may experience them with your physical senses.
Each design has a space for you to write-in what you’d like to embody in each cycle: this can be a guiding feeling, adjective, goal, keyword, etc; whatever will help you tune-in to your aspirations throughout the moon cycle. On the printed calendar there is also a space to set your New Moon Intentions and Full Moon Realizations as you journey through each cycle.